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Two Delicious Hamburgers

Gourmet Burgers


We decided it was time to open our own restaurant after working in restaurants all of our lives.

Matt started cutting meat for the Sirloin Saloon in Manchester and Burlington, VT. He studied at CIA and worked at some of the top restaurants in Naples, FL seasonally. During the off season in Florida he worked for the National Hotel on Block Island, RI. He did this for 5 years. He moved back to Vermont, a Bennington native. He was the chef de cuisine for the Barrow’s House in Dorset, VT. This is when we met. I was managing the front of the house for The Perfect Wife Restaurant. We fell in love and had our sweet baby girl, Basil.

I am a Buffalo, NY native. Grew up in the restaurant business with my Aunt & Uncle’s restaurant in Niagara Falls, NY. My mother owned a restaurant in Buffalo, NY through my high school years and I helped her nights and weekends until I moved away for college. Thought I would try to be a veterinarian but continued to work in restaurants along the way. I moved to Manchester, VT after 3 years of college. My passion is studying wine too. I had the privilege of attending Pinot Camp in Willamette Valley, OR. In 2011. I am studying to be a certified specialist in wine.

Food is in our blood and we love it!

Now here we are, opening up an amazing upscale burger joint. For us, for Basil and for Manchester, VT!

We look forward to serving you handcrafted delicious food.

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